Julie Nathanson’s 100th Game Role Is Briar In League Of Legends

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Nathanson’s credits span the realms of video games, animated films and television, and even some live-action roles in her early days in the industry. Including the aforementioned League of Legends/“Briar” role, Nathanson’s video game credits are spotlighted by her recently-released NPC companion Marika Boros in Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield, and long-running gig as “Samantha Maxis” in the Call of Duty franchise – most recently in Call of Duty: Cold War.

In the animation world, Nathanson is well-known for her performances as “Crimson Widow” in Marvel’s Avengers; “Gilda Dent” and “Silver Banshee” in the DC Universe Movies Batman: The Long Halloween and Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, respectively, and “Rosalie Rowan” in The Zeta Project.





Latest Role Marks Nathanson’s 100th Video Game Credit


Popular Voice Actress Also Featured as Weaponry Expert NPC Marika Boros

in Bethesda Game Studios’ Newly-Released Starfield, and

Beloved by Fans as Long-Time Voice of Samantha Maxis in Call of Duty Franchise


Prolific voiceover actress Julie Nathanson continues to add new, prominent credits to her impressive resume, now joining Riot Games’ League of Legends as “Briar,” the latest champion … and an absolute living weapon. The actress and her character made their debut in League of Legends on September 13 – becoming Nathanson’s 100th video game credit.


The deadly, yet endearing Briar is a unique Noxian in that her initial frenzied, blood-thirsty tendencies went far beyond the killing machine she was created to be – but after years under lock and key, she’s found a way to control her hunger and think beyond the next fight… Now she’s free and excited to figure out who’s friend and who’s food.


“As a person who appreciates being a walking dichotomy, I love playing Briar and her full range of impulses, actions and emotions,” says Nathanson, who has now had credits on 100 video games. “Briar is fun and funny, frenetic and fierce, all the while maintaining an excitable curiosity without denying her blood-thirsty viciousness. It’s so unusual to get to play all those things all at once, as well as play up the humor of her, and that has made every aspect of Briar a real treat. Playing a character like this is one of the things that made me fall in love with voiceover work from the start.”


In addition, Nathanson has now joined the illustrious cast of Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield as the NPC “companion” Marika Boros. Skilled in a wide range of weaponry, Boros is one of more than 20 non-player characters (NPC) who players can recruit to their team. She is a “companion” who has come with a two-star rating for Ballistics, and a one-star rating for both Shotgun Certification and for Particle Beam Weapons Systems. Released last week, Starfield is Bethesda’s first new universe in over 25 years.


A celebrated voice actress for more than two decades, Nathanson has brought to life many beloved video game characters, most notably as the long-time voice of “Samantha Maxis” in the Call of Duty franchise – most recently in Call of Duty: Cold War – and as everybody’s favorite opera singing demon frog – “Baal” – in Bayonetta 3. Her video game resume includes spotlight characters like “Kleia” in World of Warcraft, “Aera” in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn, “Jess Black” in Far Cry 5, “Field Agent Rio” in Fortnite, “Chill” in Skylanders, “Chocolina” in Final Fantasy 13-2 and Lightning Returns, and “Lampita” in Psychonauts.


After a brief on-camera career, Nathanson has also established herself in the animated voiceover arena, as well, with nearly 60 animated film and TV credits to date.


A classically trained vocalist, Nathanson sings “Lost” in Call of Duty: Cold War, which has amassed over 1.1 million views on YouTube.


She holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology.