The Expend4bles Gives Fans The R-Rated Action They Expect

Barney (SylvesterStallone), Lee (Jason Statham), and The Expendables are back in “The Expend4bles”.

This time around the team welcomes new members such as Easy Day (50 Cent), and Gina ( Megan Fox), who has a complicated relationship with Lee.

When an operation forces Lee to make an impossible choice has him on the outs with the team; he must power through when the team goes on without him to stop a deadly device falling into the wrong hands which currently involve a deadly agent named Rahmat (Iko Uwais).

The plot may be fairly linear and lacking character development but if you are expecting this in an Expendables film you clearly have not been paying attention.

The action is intense and the team is enjoyable to watch as they dispatch legions of henchmen in brutal and creative ways.

Some of the CGI effects seemed a bit rough at times but the winning cast, action, and return to R-Rated mayem make this a welcome outing for fans of action movies.

3.5 stars out of 5.