Newegg Reveals GPU Trade-In Program

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Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG), a global e-commerce leader for technology products, today announced the launch of Newegg’s GPU Trade-In program, allowing customers to trade in an eligible GPU device and receive a trade-in value credit toward the purchase of a new qualifying graphics card also known as a graphics processing unit (GPU).
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Newegg’s GPU Trade-In Program not only helps customers upgrade to a newer GPU model, the program also helps limit electronic waste. By offering a resource for customers to exchange their unwanted GPUs for new ones, the program simultaneously contributes to waste reduction and facilitates cost-effective PC upgrades.
“The benefit of our trade-in program is the ease to send a used graphics card and buy a new one all within the same platform and avoiding the hassle of selling through a secondary market,” said Amir Asadibagheri, Product Manager, Customer Experience, for Newegg.
The trade-in benefit for the customer is a seamless method to upgrade to a new graphics card and get value from their existing card without listing it on a reseller platform, paying a seller fee percentage or having to rely on a private party to complete the transaction.
How Newegg Trade-In Works
1. Shopping for a New GPU and Eligibility Confirmation: Customers interested in acquiring a new graphics card in exchange for their GPU can find a banner on most graphics card product pages on A pop-up form enables them to verify whether their graphics card qualifies for the trade-in program. An easy-to-complete form collects details like chipset, model and brand.
2. Preliminary Offer and Shipping to Newegg: Based on the customer’s submitted information, an initial shopping credit offer for a new graphics card will be shown on the website. If the customer decides to accept the trade-in offer and also purchases a new graphics card on the website, a prepaid shipping label and instructions will be emailed. This enables customers to send their graphics card to Newegg at no cost within 14 days.
3. Evaluation and Credit Disbursement: Upon receiving the graphics card, Newegg will conduct an inspection to ensure it matches the submitted information. Once verified, the customer will receive a credit in the amount of the offer applied to their new graphics card purchase. The credit will be refunded to their account via their original payment method. However, if the information provided is inaccurate or Newegg declines the customer’s graphics card submission, no credit will be issued and the graphics card will be returned to the customer.
By offering customers a unique trade-in service, Newegg is helping customers own current and next generation hardware, enabling optimal gaming, improved content creation and modern work-related experiences on their home machines.