The Creator Is An Intelligent Blend Of Action And Science Fiction

Taken from the pages of today’s headlines; “The Creator” presents a fresh yet complicated look at A.I. and how it may play into the future.

Director Gareth Edwards presents a future where A.I. has evolved to be incorporated into all aspects of society ranging from medical to production and the military.

When a deadly attack hits Los Angeles, the United States declares war on A.I. units and not only bans them but looks to hunt down and eliminate all units worldwide.

This causes an issue with the Asian Block where A.I. units are manufactured and actively incorporated into society with zero prejudice or concerns.

Joshua (John David Washington), sits out the conflict in Asia content with his wife and the pending birth of their child. When a U.S. raid arrives it is revealed that Joshua is actually undercover for the military and his wife sees this as a betrayal and flees with her allies and A.I. units but is killed in the process.

Years later Joshua is recruited to take part in a raid to eliminate the person behind the A.I. and take out the new weapon they have reportedly constructed. Unwilling at first; Joshua is convinced by the possibility that his wife survived the attack.

During the raid, it is revealed that the weapon is a robotic child Joshua named Alphie (Madeline Yuna Voyles) and Joshua is forced to flee with Alphie and in doing so; has divided loyalties as his focus is to find his wife despite the U.S. forces in hot pursuit and destroying all the communities with A.I. they encounter.

While parts of the film do tend to run a bit long; the cast is top-rate and the film provides an interesting debate on A.I. and its use in society and does so with a solid amount of action in the process.

4 stars out of 5