Dicks: The Musical Is A Raunchy And Bawdy Musical Filled With Heart

Basing a movie off a Broadway production can be a real challenge and when you try to do the same with an off-Broadway production of a show with very bawdy content aimed primarily at the LGBTQ audience; the challenge of bringing it to mainstream audiences can be even harder.

Such is the task facing “Dicks: The Musical” which stars Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson as Craig and Trevor; the two are compulsive womanizers and unbeknownst to them; twin brothers. When they set to work at the same company as rivals for the top spot, they soon discover their secret and set about to reunite with their parents. Since each child was raised by a different parent; the duo decides to pose as one another in order to get to know the parent they did not grow up with.

One parent is a very kooky individual played by a scene-stealing Megan Mullally who has some very strange ideas about a key part of her anatomy being missing and a really loose grasp of reality. The other parent is a Gay man who keeps a pair of mutant sewer babies in his home and Nathan Lane does a hysterical job of playing the part.

As the attempts to get their parents back with one another take on more and more bizarre, bawdy, and hysterical turns; the two brothers must contend with the cost of this task on their careers as their boss Gloria (Megan Thee Stallion) is not one to take it easy on her workers.

What follows is a zany, raunchy, and music-filled adventure that is not for those who are easily offended but ideal for those who like clever musical numbers and do not mind outrageous comedy with shock value that is along a very heavy LGBTQ theme.

While it may not be for everyone, those who can sit back and enjoy the music and humor are likely to find themselves having a good time with the film as it is loaded with laughs.

3.5 stars out of 5