GALAGA Joystick Player Revealed

This might be a fun addition to a work desk.

My Arcade® announces the GALAGA Joystick Player, a portable retro arcade machine that brings the nostalgia of retro gaming to the palm of your hand. Transporting players back to the past, the GALAGA Joystick Player brings the excitement of classic arcade gaming into the modern era. The responsive joystick allows for precise movements, ensuring that every command is executed with utmost accuracy. Relive the thrill of battling swarms of relentless aliens and dodging their laser fire with finesse. This new addition to the My Arcade® collection includes two fully-playable classics GALAGA and GALAXIAN and is available today for an MSRP of $49.99.

Despite its compact size, the Joystick Player boasts a vibrant 3.2″ full-color backlit display that delivers sharp graphics, immersing you in every pixel of your favorite retro games. The external facing speaker with adjustable volume faithfully reproduces the nostalgic sounds of the arcade. The delightful fusion of vintage aesthetics and modern technology makes the GALAGA Joystick Player a striking addition to any game room, office, or display case.

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GALAGA is a classic arcade game that is still popular today. In this shoot-em-up, you take control of a spaceship and must defend your fleet from waves of attacking aliens. GALAGA is a great way to challenge your reflexes and improve your hand-eye coordination. The game features exciting and colorful graphics that will appeal to players of all ages.

Galaga Joystick Player Features

  • Officially licensed, fully playable titles.
  • Includes GALAGA and GALAXIAN.
  • High resolution, 3.2” full color vertical display.
  • Features artwork inspired by the original GALAGA arcade cabinet.
  • Adjustable screen brightness.
  • Built-in, rear-facing speaker with volume controls.
  • Unique way to play these classic games.
  • Powered by either 4 AA batteries (not included) or by a USB-C® cable (not included).