Quiz Lady Delivers A Winning Cast And Laughs

Anne Yum (Awkwafina) is obsessed with a quiz show. Ever since she was a child she would watch every episode and fire off correct answers at a rate fat faster and more accurate than the competitors on the show.

He father has left her mother who becomes an absentee parent leaving Anne and her sister Jenny (Sandra Oh), to raise themselves and care for their mom.

As adulthood arrives; Anne is working away in a cubicle and only finds her life to be a mix of receiving packages, taking care of her dog, and watching the quiz show.

Jenny has returned from her latest failure as her numerous quests to be famous have not panned out and she is forced to move in with Anne who is less than thrilled to have her sister and her schemes back especially since their mother has fled her care home to go on a gambling fling abroad with her latest beau.

Things go from bad to worse when some real heavies tell Anne that their mother owes them $80,000 and Anne is now responsible for the debt and her beloved dog is being held as collateral.

Despite her misgivings; Anne is convinced by Jenny to audition for the Quiz Show to defeat the long-running champ and get the needed funds.

What follows is a funny and charming adventure complete with some very funny characters along the way.

While not as raunchy as “Joyride”, this is a delightful romp with some funny moments and characters. Being married to a Filipina; I found myself appreciative of the humor on various levels and glad to see more Asian-themed comedies as this was a very pleasant if at times predictable comedy.

4 stars out of 5.

See the movie on Hulu on November 3rd.