Ripout Is A Challenging FPS That Fans Of The Genre Should Love

Combining elements of a First Person Shooter and Survival Horror Game; Ripout is a challenging game that combines the classic shooters with more than a few modern wrinkles.

Gameplay involves either solo or co-op play where players have to shuttle to a ship in distress.

Once there players will encounter a dark and dangerous place where dangers ranging from exposed wires and steam mix with organic and cybernetic threats that lurk in the dark.

Players must brave the dangers to accomplish various tasks such as clearing and accessing data on a terminal, locating items, clearing enemies, and so on. Players will be able to find needed resources and upgrades as they go along which is vital as trying to take on some of the bigger threats with the starter weapons is often an exercise in futility that ends badly short of using hit-and-run tactics.

The dark and imposing atmosphere is punctuated by the creepy music and sound effects and seeing the carnage around every turn and hallway gives players a true level of immersion.

There is a bit more of a learning curve to the game than simply load up and shoot as learning the best way to use resources to create a loadout that is most effective is key. I had one session where my rifle and pistol had run dry and I was forced to take on some seriously bad enemies with only an axe and hope that my squad would revive me once I went down.

The game is very challenging either solo or co-op; missions frequently end in failure until you learn the tricks of survival but naturally, there are more enemies always lurking. I especially enjoyed some of the clever twists in the game such as being able to deploy organic items to control enemies while you blast away and the constant sense of danger that the game exudes.

Ripout is a must-play for fans of the genre and those looking for something new and challenging.

4 stars out of 5