Spending Your Time Wisely: Here’s What You Can Do

When it comes to our time, many of us can be builty of not using it wisely. Aside from the commitment we make to working, and perhaps the home life jobs we all have do, how else can you enjoy and use any other time that you have wisely? Here are some of the things that you could consider doing.

Image source – pixabay – cco license


Trying out a distracting hobby


First of all, a good idea would be to try out a new hobby. Something that requires your focus and can be a huge distraction means that although it hasn’t cost much to do said activity, your time has been well spent and in some cases, you can even feel relaxed. Coloring is a great one, but also things like origami can be a great way to be creative and you don’t need much to get started at all. Other distracting hobbies might be writing, creating an online blog where you can share your passion or even using your time to fill out surveys or enter competitions. Which can be quite lucrative. Which brings us to the next option to consider.


Start your own blog or YouTube channel


Many people these days have started blogs, online journals through Instagram, or channels on YouTube as a way of sharing their passions, their skills, and advice. These things can also be a huge creative outlet and a great way to spend your time. Not only are you doing something that you are passionate about but you can also learn skills such as editing, writing, and even photography if you are needing to share pictures. Many people have started these things as hobbies and turned them into successful businesses that have replaced their full time jobs.


Making some extra money online


Just above we mentioned some of the things you can do as a hobby that could be quite lucrative, so it’s worth expanding on that a little more. Using your spare time to boost your income can be a really productive way of utilizing the time you have. Filling out online surveys, testing websites, and offering freelance services on popular online platforms can help you to earn some money doing things from your laptop and tablet. A blog is a fantastic online venture that can start out as a hobby and turn into a money maker. Enabling you to share your passions and creativity vehicle potentially advertising products and services. Social media is also a fun way to do this and influencer marketing is growing at a rapid rate. More businesses want the likes of you to test out their products and be honest with your already engaged audience. There are plenty of articles online to help you set up a blog or consider utilizing your social media to make some money.


Look at ways of saving money


While you are on the journey of improving your financial situation you can often make some changes to your habits and the things that you do to help you save money as well. Sometimes these things can be time-consuming, such as hunting out bargains, cashback, and discount codes before heading to the checkout on a website. Or even things like meal planning and batch cooking. All of which are really useful ways of spending your time wisely, and enabling you to make some big savings in the long term as well.


Have some fun online


These days there are so many ways you can have fun online. Maybe you like the idea of trying out dating sites if you are single, and using the time to get to know somebody without the pressure of dating, etc. Perhaps you might want to think about playing some online games. There are lots of different options out there so you are bound to find something that is interesting to you. You don’t always need to be gaining something from your spare time, often just having some fun can be just what we need, especially now when times are so hard for people with the rising costs of socialising outside of the home.


Exercising more frequently


It might be time to start thinking about exercising more frequently in your spare time. It could be that you want to think about running, or doing home workouts. Walking is another great thing to do. Being active can be a great way to help keep your energy levels high and your mindset in the right place. The more you do, the more you will start to feel better. While this might not be something you want to do daily, especially if you are getting out for a walk, it can be something you aim to do a few times a week. This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for to get fitter and healthier, ready for when the world gets back to normal.


Learn something new


You may have more time on your hands, and often we all have that one thing that we would have said in the past that we had no time to do. Sound familiar? This is why you could use this extra time you have to learn something new. Perhaps you want to learn a new language. Teaching yourself through online videos or listening to audiobooks. It could be you want to learn something digital like coding, or maybe you want to learn to cook. What is it you have been wanting to do but said you never had time to do? Start today!


Editing photographs and videos you have captured


Finally, so many people love to capture memories on their smartphone or camera, whether that be pictures or videos. So why not spend your time collating them, editing them, and organizing them into files? Most computers and laptops have free editing software that could help enhance the quality of the shot you have taken.


Let’s hope that this has inspired you to consider some of the fun things you could do in your spare time now and in the future.