Bad CGI Gator Has Bite

Greetings & Salutations Everyone

The holiday season is upon us once again. That means Christmas movies. Before we go any further, todays film (for your consideration) is NOT I repeat NOT a Christmas movie. That being said, even during the season of holiday movie marathons a ‘break’ is required. I’d like to add that this is NOT a family film so if your looking for a selection that will ‘wash away the Christmas Aura’ briefly, make sure the kids are fast asleep first.

‘Bad CGI Gator’ is the latest release from the notorious ‘Full Moon Features’ movie library.

Unlike the movie house’s previous offerings THIS film is a small step back in the right direction to legendary b-movie/cult films which Full Moon is known for and even revered.

‘Bad CGI Gator’ is directed by Danny Draven, produced by Charles & Zalman Band, and stars Maddie Lane, Michael Bonini, Rebecca Stoughton, Copper Drippe, Sarah Buchanan, and Ben VanderMey as six college students who decide partake in the rite of passage known is spring break in the swamplands of a Georgia (of all places). Once they arrive at their destination and get over the lack of internet access and cellphone reception, they break out the alcohol and the debauchery commences. At one point, in an act of defiance and in an attempt to generate post that will trend on social media, the clueless college students throw their laptops into the nearby lake which somehow transforms an adolescent alligator into the dreaded CGI Gator which can fly through the air, deceive by imitating human actions, and change its size. As the students retreat to their cabin and attempt to formulate a way to escape, the ravenous CGI Gator attempts to pick them off one by one while they dispense with logic and common sense in the belief that machismo and swashbuckling will get them out of this dire situation.

This is 58 minutes of your life you are NOT going to get back. Unlike resent Full Moon films, they toned down the gratuitous nudity from the actresses and seemed to focus a little more on the plot. It takes a while for the movie to gain any traction though. About a third of the film focuses on the cluelessness and arrogance of the film’s protagonists if you can call them that. They take it to the point where you almost DON’T feel any sort of remorse for the eventual victims. As I mentioned earlier though, this film appears as a slight turn back towards the cult classics that Full Moon is known for. I’d give this film 2 out of 5 stars. Hopefully, this film is a test run of future installments for the Full Moon movie house. Fingers crossed.