The Oath Is A Faith-Based Film That Has Good Intentions Despite Issues

There has been a recent increase in faith-based films as their modest budgets make them ideal for an audience which has been receptive to an expanded amount of content.

The new movie “The Oath” stars Darin Scott as Moroni who was a pre-Columbian warrior who would bury the Golden Plates which provided the basis for the Book of Mormon.

Set in 400 A.D., Moroni must deal with King Aaron (Billy Zane) who rules with brutality and has set his sights on killing Moroni who is the last of the Nephites so his line of Lamanites can rid themselves of the last remaining member of the group they have battled against over the centuries.

The film moves with a very slow pace and despite the forest and coastal scenery, it is clear that the film was made with a minimal budget which in many ways hampers the messages of forgiveness and redemption which are at the core of the film.

It is clear that Scott who also wrote and directed the film has a passion for projects like this as he has been involved with numerous religious-themed offerings in his career. The biggest issue aside from the slow pacing is that the limited budget was very clear which makes it hard to keep the audience engaged in the characters and the story.

While it likely will not work for a wide audience, those looking for a faith-based film may be willing to overlook the flaws and focus on the message.

2.5 stars out of 5