New Content Comes To Ripout

The game is lots of fun and it will be nice to see some new content in action.

3D Realms and Pet Project Games are excited to announce the first Steam Early Access content drop for RIPOUT: the Payload Update. This update adds all-new payload missions and levels, the Machine Pistol, a new sidearm to mow down enemies, and additional garments to do it in style! But you aren’t the only one getting new toys. The monstrosities that lurk in the darkness also gain access to the Geist, a module that allows them to turn invisible. Luckily, your trusty Pet Gun can steal it to give you a tactical advantage as you complete missions.

The Payload Update is live today along with new bug fixes and game balance updates based on community feedback.

In RIPOUT, you’ll face off against mutant monstrosities transformed by Cell, a human-made biological weapon that has turned its sights on its creators, able to adapt their bodies in grotesque ways. Use your trusty biomechanical Pet Gun to gain a tactical advantage over your enemies by ripping weaponry off them while exploring procedurally generated derelict spaceships, collecting loot, and customizing your character to survive whatever dangers lurk around the corner.

Payload Update Features

  • Payload Missions: Blast into additional levels with the brand-new Payload Delivery mission type. Deliver a critical payload through the mutant onslaught to receive your loot!
  • New Sidearm: Tear through monstrous enemies quicker than ever with the new Machine Pistol sidearm!
  • Additional Garments: Unlock two new full suits.
  • New Module: The new Geist module will allow you to become invisible – but beware – your enemies gain invisibility, too.
  • Tutorial Improvements: Tutorial, lobby and navigation updates make RIPOUT easier to tear into than ever before!
  • Additional Updates: In addition to new content, the Payload Update brings with it more bug fixes and balance updates to the easy and hard difficulty modes.

For more information about RIPOUT, visit, follow the game on Twitter, and join the official Discord community.


Here is my gameplay.