WHAT IF…? Season 2 Delivers A Fun Look Into The Alternate MCU

Recently I took in the first three episodes of WHAT IF…? SEASON 2. I had hoped to do an advanced review but we were actually at Disneyland and my ability to do advance screenings was limited by our desire to enjoy the shows and attractions of the park.

The new season moves away from a more connected storyline and features some intriguing possibilities if certain characters had taken paths that differed from the one that has been established as their main paths in the MCU.

The opening episode sets Nebula as a member of the Nova Corps and features a very “Blade Runner” inspired episode where she must solve a crime in the dark and neon evenings which leads to an even bigger threat.

Subsequent episodes feature Peter Quill returning to Earth as a child influenced to do the bidding of his father and how an alternate Avengers team is forced into action.

The third episode had strong “Die Hard” vibes as Happy attempts to thwart a threat at Stark Tower during plans for a party. Naturally heroes and villains from past films arrive and add to the level of enjoyment.

Disney+ plans to reveal a new episode daily during the holiday season and the first set shows that this is a high-quality series not to miss and an ideal series for fans looking for something to watch with family and friends.