Alien: Building Better Worlds Launch Artwork

Looking forward to this as the art looks great.

All the wonder and danger of the stars is yours—if you can just wipe the grime off your face and dig the dirt out from under your fingernails first. Free League Publishing and 20th Century Studios today released the expansion Building Better Worlds for the multiple award-winning ALIEN The Roleplaying Game.
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Even the truth of humanity’s origins awaits you out there, orbiting some dying star. And out there amongst it all is something truly horrifying—something that nature never intended. Something alien.


Building Better Worlds is a complete campaign module, giving you all the tools needed to run a full open-world campaign as a pioneering explorer or colonist. The expansion is now available in the Free League webshop and at retailers worldwide, as PDF at DriveThruRPG and as a VTT module for Foundry