Halo Season 2 Builds The Story And Action

Season 2 of the hit Paramount + series Halo arrives on Feb. 8th with a two episode premiere and I recently got an early look at the first four episodes of the new season.

The focus on character development was a nice surprise as Pablo Schreiber gets to not only evolve Master Chief John-117 into a fuller and more complex character; he also gets to mix it up outside of his combat armor in some scenes and show that he is more than just a walking arsenal of technology.

With the threat of The Alien Covenant forces growing; Master Chief and his Silver Team must contend with a regime change and questions about his stability as his obsessive behavior and goals becomes a focal point that drives the action.

Fans need not worry that the action is being throttled back as it is as solid as ever as the battle to save himanity ramps up.

The new season looks primed to build on the action and characters and has become a deeper and more engaging story than the game series in which it is based while staying true to the source material.