Homeworld 3: War Games Demo Launch Trailer

Time to launch and fight.

Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Publishing are pleased to announce Homeworld 3’s new War Games mode is available in a demo on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Beginning February 5 @10am PT, and running until February 12 @10am PT, players worldwide can experience Homeworld 3’s innovative roguelike mode – War Games – in a demo available on the Epic Games Store and Steam during the Next Fest event.


Check out the New War Games Trailer Here

Homeworld 3’s new War Games mode offers players a highly replayable RTS experience that extends the game beyond the campaign. Fusing Homeworld’s RTS gameplay with roguelike inspiration, War Games can be enjoyed solo or cooperatively with up to three players. Players will command their fleets through a series of three randomized combat challenges. Commanders who successfully manage their fleets and navigate these objectives are rewarded with Artifacts which can be used to augment ships. Players will also earn experience to unlock additional artifacts and starting fleets that keep the challenge fresh. The Homeworld 3 War Games mode will continue to evolve post-launch, through regular free content drops, and optional premium content including 3 paid DLC expansions in the Year One Pass.


For more information on War Games, read the recent dev update.