New Fixes Are Inbound For Bulletstorm VR

Looks like more fixed are coming.

People Can Fly and Incuvo S.A. today released a major update for Bulletstorm VR. Today’s patch for the PlayStation VR 2 and Steam VR provides fixes for multiple crashes and bugs, improves the AI on select enemies, adds several quality of life improvements and more. See here for additional information:


Additionally, the developers recently released a patch on January 26 for Meta Quest 2 and 3 which decreases crashes happening on the platforms by 75%, improves enemy AI drastically, fixes occasional soft-locks in menus and features many quality-of-life improvements within the brutal sci-fi first-person VR shooter. The second patch for Meta platforms is in development.


People Can Fly and Incuvo S.A. will be releasing various patches for all platforms in the coming weeks which add new quality-of-life improvements, gameplay enhancements, AI balances and more to give players a thrilling, kick-ass virtual reality Bulletstorm experience they’ll enjoy playing for years to come.


Players can learn more about upcoming patches on Bulletstorm’s official Twitter/X account, and read more about each update’s specific fixes at For more information on this title, please visit