Ripout Gets A Big Update

Just when I aced the final Boss solo; they pull me back.


The biggest update yet for Pet Project Games and 3D Realms sci-fi co-op horror FPS, RIPOUT, will be available today ahead of the game getting a monster 25% discount. The Monstrous update brings a new enemy, new mission type, new sidearm, new enhancement pet buffs for your living gun, performance improvements, new animations, bug fixes and more.

The new Bulwark enemy is added to the roster of monstrosities you have to confront in RIPOUT. An enforcer who provides cover for other enemies while under attack, it is fully shielded while walking towards the player. You must wait until it starts its minigun attack for it to become vulnerable to damage. The new Buckshot sidearm is a tool you might want to employ to help take it down! This close-range sidearm has scaling damage output based on how close you are to the target, making it a thrilling risk/reward gamble for players willing to get up close and personal.

Along with this new enemy and weapon, players have a new mission type to deal with. The recycle bin missions require you to clear up upcoming bio canisters getting fed into the main recycle bin. Fail to clear enough canisters and the recycler will explode and your mission will fail.

What critics have been saying

Doom Eternal meets Left 4 Dead in brutal new co-op shooter” – PCGamesN

RIPOUT has the makings of a premier horror space shooter” – IGN

…nails a satisfying gameplay loop” – PC Invasion

RIPOUT is a co-op horror shooter where you wield a living Pet Gun and fight your way through abandoned mutant infested spaceships. These genetically altered beings grow stronger and reconfigure themselves by attaching smaller mutants to their bodies, so you never know quite what you are up against. Search for human survivors alone or in co-op and unravel the fate of humanity as you search for mythical Sanctuary. Where, or even what, it is, no one really knows. It’s up to you to find out.

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Additional improvements made in the Monstrous update include:

  • Optimization of the current systems and features
  • Sound improvements
  • New weapon fire animations
  • New enhancement pet buffs – Ammo feed and Module Scrap
  • New destructible station terminal

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash for the Client when joining the session while the Host was using a Pet scan
  • Fixed an issue with enemies going into an infinite loop and not being able to attack the player
  • Fixed an issue where players who join ongoing sessions are not able to use the escape menu
  • Fixed an issue where a Heavy enemy corpse will sometimes deal damage to the player if the player is close to it
  • Fixed an issue with the loading screen appearing for the second time after players are already in the Hubship
  • Expanded the pool of what is included in the tech and bio scan
  • Fixed an issue with Soldiers getting unaggroed

Minor Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with enemies that get hacked in the middle of a charge attack and stop attacking enemies
    • Fixed an issue with critters not jumping from some edges
    • Fixed an issue with a Soldier spawning close to the barrel and making his movement unnatural and stiff
    • Fixed an issue with bio and tech scan duration
    • Fixed an issue with Swarmers that are colliding with the terrain
    • Fixed an issue with Swarmers targeting player
    • Fixed an issue with the Zombie attack sound being played on the player

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