Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster Makes A Classic Release Even Better

Back in 1995; Star Wars fans had limited options for new content. The Prequels were several years away and aside from books, comics, and the odd collectibles or games; pickings were slim.

Star Wars: Dark Forces arrived and gave fans an engaging and compelling new entry into the Star Wars Universe by giving gamers a FPS adventure with new and old characters, an engaging story, and a deeper look at worlds never seen before.

The game also had the ability to look and aim upwards and downwards which was new to many gamers who were used to prior FPS mechanics.

Making what was old new; Star Wars Dark Forces Remastered improves on the game by giving cleaner cutscenes and faster gameplay while keeping the pre-3D accelerated era.

Players take on the role of Kyle Katarn who is a Mercenary hired by the Rebel Alliance to perform various tasks. His opening grab of The Death Star plans is amusing in the wake of “Star Wars: Rogue One” many years later as are the retro menus of the game and music that lovingly bring back memories of old.

While the retro graphics take some adjustment like what is and is not a switch or door that can be manipulated, the randomness of Blaster fire, and enemies who do not employ some of the more advanced AI tactics; the game is great fun to play.

It was a mix of discovery and remembering as the game unfolded as each level underscored how far the genre has come but also how the team has enhanced the game without losing the nostalgia or charm.

If you are a fan; this is one not to miss.

4 stars out of 5.

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