EA Sends Classic Titles To Steam

This is a nice collection of classic.

EA has opened its vaults and released a series of classic PC games to Steam for the first time ever. Whether it’s city planning in SimCity 3000 Unlimited, dungeon planning in Dungeon Keeper 2, tactical planning in Command & Conquer or planning your next attack in The Saboteur, the re-release of these beloved games from EA’s archives on Steam have every player covered.


In celebration of the launch to Steam, fans and those yet to experience these iconic experiences can purchase these titles at discounted prices for a limited time.


The full list of games now available on Steam, which feature the most up to date patches, includes:

  • Command & Conquer – The Ultimate Collection

  • SimCity 3000 Unlimited

  • Populous

  • Populous 2: Trials of the Olympic Gods

  • Populous: The Beginning

  • Dungeon Keeper Gold

  • Dungeon Keeper 2

  • Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack

  • The Saboteur


You can find a special key art for the collection of EA’s classic PC releases here.

A teaser video marking the launch of these EA classic games to Steam can be viewed and embedded via X here.

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