Mechanic Mechanics Is A Fun And Quirky Game That Hooked Us From The Start

Every now and then a game comes along that defies expectations and becomes not only a very enjoyable experience but one that is destined to become a regular part of our gaming rotation. The game in question is manic mechanics and while it didn’t arrive on a wave of hype; it quickly became something that my wife and I could not put down and spent many evenings enjoying both solo and co-op gameplay.

The premise is simple as players travel from location to location in cars and discover hidden objects, sprockets, and colorful and amusing jumps and obstacles along the way.

Each area is filled with challenge stations where players will be instructed by various characters to complete various tasks of an automotive variety. Players will have to grab parts such as tires, engines, batteries, springs, doors, spoilers, and more some of which are themed to the more unique and whimsical areas that players will encounter.

In a race against time; players must gather, prepare, and place, the desired objects for each vehicle that comes into their workstation. Inflating tires, painting doors, repairing engines, sanding rusty parts, charging batteries, and more become part of the fun as does the ever-changing arenas that offer all kinds of hazards from water which will electrify anybody holding a battery, to fire, supernatural menaces, and so much more.

When players have unlocked and earned so many sprockets they have access to new areas of the map which opens up new themes and new challenges which I will not spoil but suffice it to say it is diverse.

Will the game graphically does not set any new standards it is more than appropriate for the type of game in which it is and there is also a challenge arena where players can go head-to-head for bragging rights. While we didn’t play with more than two players; there is an online option which hopefully down the line will allow for more players to take part in the merry mayhem.

Working with a player can be challenging in that you have to have a coordinated strategy and make sure to stay out of each other’s way when you are both trying to get to work areas. I like to make liberal use of the throw command to toss completed parts across the workspace knowing that anything close would find itself firmly attached to my work vehicle.

From start to finish the game offered lots of fun and a decent challenge although some areas were harder than others as patience and a well-thought-out strategy go hand-in-hand with speed and accuracy.

The game has been one of our favorites of the year and I look forward to hopefully seeing new content released for the game in the not-too-distant future.

4.5 stars out of 5



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