Arthur The King Is An Emotional And Inspiring Journey For The Entire Family

Mikael Lindnord (Mark Wahlberg), is a man at a crossroads in his life. As an Adventure Racer who recently cost his team a win due to an overly impulsive decision, time is not on his side.

In “Arthur the King”, Mark decides to take another chance at glory and assembles his reuctant team and sponsors for a race despite being severly compromised by a lack of funds which has reduced their available training time.

The rough routes involving treking, climbing, biking, and Kayaking are demanding and since teams are able to find their own routes, the motivation for risk taking is there.

At a rest area; Mikael encounters and befriends a stray dog who looks the worse for wear and shares some of his food with him.

As the race progresses, the team is shocked to discover the same stray 100 miles away as he not only followed them but has warned them away from a dangerous cliff.

The team soon has a new mascot and desipite some internal conflicts, the newly dubbed Arthur becomes part of the team and a media sensation along the way and the team goes all i to save the dig who has befriended and inspired them.

The movie is a very touching and inspiring film that is ideal for the entire family. The story was inspired by a true story and the movie hits all the emotions in a film that was enjoyable from the start.

4 stars out of 5