Alien Romulus: Cinemacon Intro

Here is the Intro for new footage at CinemaCon.

Footage breakdown.

Not heavy on specifics but Spoiler Warning.

The footage shows the cast entering the station which is in bad shape and they come across a synth broken in half and use a chip from it for their Synth who goes into a standby mode. A lab with racks of Facehuggers thaws and produces several who advance in a flooded room and go after the crew. Several near misses resulting in characters knocking them away or avoiding them barely.

A fortunate save does not apply to all and one is infected and we see the birth scene which comes after a hand-held medical scan to confirm the bad news. The reaumting birth causes the ship to slam against the station at various times which leads to a montage of footage.

Scott and Alvarez did a video intro and the look is very in keeping with the first film as the sets would fit perfectly.

The FX looked good and while it was a bit different seeing younger characters; the tension was there as was the appeal.

Based on what we saw it seems like it captures the look and tone well so hopefully the rest delivers on the promise.

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