Returning To The Luxor Las Vegas

Recently we stayed at the Luxor Resort in Las Vegas as we were in town to cover Cinemacon. This was my third year in a row at the resort as it has become our go-to locale when we are covering Cinemacon.

We arrived and took advantage of the Rooftop parking and online check-in before heading to the convention. Since our room was not ready yet we left our bags in the car and returned for them after our day at the convention was complete.

We were able to make physical room keys with no issues at the kiosk and headed to our 24th-floor room in the Pyramid.

We had a long wait for our elevator but made it up the pyramid and arrived at our room that offered a nice view of the city, a King bed, a desk, and spacious bathroom, and a television.

After a long day of driving and convention coverage; we opted to eat in the food court and had a range of options and were able to get a quick dinner before we settled in for the evening.

I decided to watch television and found poor picture quality on every channel as it looked like the signal was coming in from an old-style antenna as the images were filled with static and not very sharp.

The next morning we placed an online order at Starbucks and went down to pick it up only to find that there were multiple Starbucks at the resort and we needed to go to the one down the hall.

Once back in the room we got ready for the day and discovered that there was no hot water due to our schedule; we had to take very cold showers versus waiting for a fix which fortunately was applied before the next morning.

The next few days went well and while we did not have time to take in any shows at the resort; we did manage to get to the Buffet which is now open 8-3 on several days and does not offer evening service. It was a very nice array of options and a nice end to the visit as we were able to have family who live in the area join us before we drove home.

While we did notice wear in several places such as chipped or peeling trim and one elevator had an open access panel with wires and switches on easy display and reach, the room was very clean and well-maintained by the staff and aside from the issues noted with the hot water and television; was in keeping with what we expected from our stay.

Checkout was easily done via the App and the staff was very nice on the few times we interacted with them such as at the Rewards desk or the eSports venue.

If you are looking for a resort that offers plenty of dining options and shows as well as clean and comfortable rooms in a great locale, then the Luxor is a good option as the Egyptian decoration is always enjoyable.




  1. Dark Spark said:

    Dude the Luxor is absolute shit! You must have been there when we were there as we did not have hot water one morning either. I definitely have the green television thing going on as well as horrible decor in the bathroom and rooms.

    April 28, 2024
    • gareth said:

      It was not as good as prior visits and the food prices in the Food Court were insane even with a Veterans Discount.

      April 28, 2024

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