Abigail Is A Fresh Take On The Vampire Genre

A group of skilled individuals gather to kidnap a young girl after her Ballet practice and sequestered in a house to await their cut of a large ransom.

The kidnappers are instructed by a mysterious figure named Lambert (Giancarlo Esposito), not to reveal names, personal facts, and their faces to their captive and are given names to use with each other and also advised not to reveal information about themselves within the group.

This is the setup for the new film “Abigail” and when the abductors learn that there captive is related to a very dangerous individual; they assume the grizzly events that unfold are a retaliation and that a sick game is being played out to punish the abductors.

It is soon learned that Abigail herself is not the scared child she pretends to be and is actually a brutal Vampire who now delights in seeking her revenge on the captive crew who find themselves locked in a house of horror.

The film has an interesting premise but is a bit slow and lacking tension before things ramp up and give the audience the gore-laden action they have been waiting for.

The film is a fresh take on the Vampire genre and the cast anchored by Dan Steven’s and Melissa Barrera help make the mix of humor and horror work.

3.5 stars out of 5

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