Free League Announces Alien Day Sale

There is nothing like a sale to ring in Alien Day.

Space is vast, dark, and not your friend. Try to scream and no one can hear you—hold your breath and you rupture your lungs. And there are things lurking in the shadows—things strange and different and deadly. Things alien.

Free League Publishing is celebrating ALIEN DAY 4/26 with a massive sale for the multiple award-winning ALIEN The Roleplaying Game and multiple expansions. The ALIEN RPG offers a universe of body horror and corporate brinkmanship. It is a harsh and unforgiving universe, and you are nothing if not expendable. Stay alive if you can and have a blast!
The ALIEN Day Sale Offers 50% OFF on:
ALIEN RPG Starter Set
Destroyer of Worlds
Heart of Darkness
Colonial Marines Operation Manual
Stress Dice

Base Dice
GM Screen
Foundry VTT modules

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