Alien Themed Necrophosis Is Coming

This looks interesting as it combines Scar and Alien visuals.

The creators of the successful Lovecraftian titles The Shore and Eresys have just launched a new teaser trailer for their upcoming horror indie adventure, Necrophosis. Set in an enigmatic world where entities from different universes converge, the protagonist is alone with one mission: to explore interconnected regions in a non-linear experience. Crafted with the stunning detail of Unreal Engine 5, Necrophosis invites players into a nightmarish world that challenges the boundaries of reality and horror. Watch the video to learn more.


Necrophosis immerses players in bizarre and surreal landscapes, each uniquely themed with its own set of eerie puzzles and haunting entities. The influence of Zdzisław Beksiński’s art adds a disturbing beauty to the environment, enhancing the game experience. Drawing inspiration from games like Scorn, Necrophosis offers a blend of deep storytelling and ghostly visuals, making each location a dark puzzle with its own scary story and mysterious

As development continues, the anticipation for this haunting journey only grows. Dragonis Games promises a short demo version soon, providing a glimpse into the terrifying world of Necrophosis through the teaser trailer that showcased a couple of gameplay elements. This immersive experience promises to captivate horror enthusiasts and puzzle solvers alike, urging players to uncover the secrets hidden in this twisted reality.

While you await the demo version, add Necrophosis to your Steam wishlist to get notified about upcoming updates and be ready to step into this nightmarish puzzle adventure.

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