Apex Legends: Upheaval Trailer

This is a pretty interesting trailer for the new update in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends: Upheaval is officially unmasked as EA and Respawn have dropped a brand-new gameplay trailer ahead of the May 7 launch.

Players can expect Upheaval to unleash chaos on the battlefield with all kinds of new content such as:


  • New Legend: Alter – Break the rules with Alter, the embodiment of disruption.

    • Her passive ability, “Gift from the Rift,” loots an item from distant deathboxes and is great for swapping weapons or pulling a surprise Shield Battery.

    • Alter’s tactical “Void Passage” creates a portal through a surface, opening a path to send enemies back to the respawn chamber, or to make a quick escape.

    • Activating her ultimate “Void Nexus” places a device that anyone on her team can use to open a one-way portal back to the location.

  • Solo Takeover – Players will dive into Solos Takeover, replacing Duos at the beginning of the season. It’s every Legend for themselves out there.

  • Broken Moon Shatters – A lunar nightmare becomes a reality as Olympus crashes into Cleo’s stasis node, reshaping the battlefield with new POIs and a streamlined map, ripe for spreading havoc.

  • Apex Artifacts – Legends can customize each variant’s Theme, Power Source and more with Exotic Shards – mixing and matching to craft a player’s own calling card of destruction.

  • Apex Legends: Upheaval launches on May 7 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the EA App and Steam. For more news about Apex Legends, check out the game’s official X, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube pages or visit www.playapex.com for the latest updates.




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