Phantom Fury Is An Engagingly Retro Action Adventure

Picking up after Ion Fury and the Aftershock expansion; Phantom Fury continues the adventures of Shelly Harrison.

Equipped with a new Bionic arm capable of reducing enemies and obstacles to pulp; Shelly also has an array of upgradeable weapons from pistols, shotguns, machine guns, bombs, as well as some special weapons.

Players will need this and more as with a Checkpoint save system; staying alive is the key to success and not having to replay long areas repeatedly.

The gameplay is loving retro and has a 90s vibe and look but with some updated wrinkles along the way.

Players will be able to set a difficulty that works best for them and will battle through labs, bases, desert locales, and more against relentless enemies who present challenges for players to overcome as they try to solve what is needed to open doors and obtain access to various areas.

Being able to interact with the environment is key as needed health, ammunition, armor, and more csn be found in lockers, trailers, and more.

While I did encounter some difficulties with finding ways to open doors and pathfinding from time to time; the action drew me in and kept me engaged through the cleverly designed locations.

While Multiplayer would have been fun as Co-Op and other modes would add to the experience; the retro action brought plenty of enjoyment.

4 stars out of 5

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