Garfield Returns In Updated Take On The Beloved Feline

The beloved feline created by Jim Davis is back for a new animated adventure. Chris Pratt provides the voice of the sarcastic Lasagna lover and Samuel L. Jackson brings his father Vic to life.

The movie recaps how Jon (Nicholas Hoult) met Garfield and his adventures with Odie (Harvey Guillen) and moves into high-gear when they are kidnapped by a cat with revenge on her mind named Jinx (Hannah Waddingham).

Before long Garfield, Die, and Vic must put aside their differences to formulate a heist to appease Jinx.

This leads them to the company of a Bull named Otto (Ving Rhames) who helps them form a risky plan on the path to success.

Naturally things do not go as planned and zany and frantic actions follow.

While I admit that I am not the target audience for the film; I did enjoy the strip back in the day. This new take is loaded with product placements and Pop Culture references that may be largely lost on younger viewers and they may find parts of the story a bit dark for their liking.

Despite dragging at times; there were some smiles along the way and I am sure children will be more than happy with the movie but long-time fans may be disappointed with this interpretation that is saved mainly by the charming cast.

3 stars out of 5

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