Embassy Suites By Hilton in Scottsdale Was A Comfortable Getaway Locale

Recently we stayed at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Scottsdale as we have expanded our travel coverage to include more locales in our local area versus exclusively doing those when we travel outside our market area.
The hotel offers plenty of free parking and is conveniently located near Old Town and the mall which offers plenty of options for shopping and dining. While we did not use it; a shuttle was reportedly available for trips within close proximity.
The lobby was very clean and modern and our check was very efficient. On our way to her room; we noticed that the pool area was drained and blocked off as renovations were underway. I had wondered if the location was at one time apartments as we have seen similar configurations in California which made me wonder if the property was converted into a hotel.

While this portion seemed a bit dated; the rooms were incredibly clean, comfortable, and accommodating.
There was a front room with a couch as well as a table and kitchen area that offered a sink, microwave, mini fridge, and coffee area. There was a television and both the bedroom and living room and the bathroom while using a rolling door; were clean and modern.
We opted to dine on location; and the restaurant on the fourth floor while initially difficult to locate as it appears to be another set of units from a distance, offering a very good menu and service as well as several televisions to take in various sporting events.
There was also a complimentary reception in the evening where two complementary cocktails or drinks as well as soft drinks and snacks were available.
The lobby also offered a business center and a quick service store to go with vending and ice machines throughout the locale.

Due to the construction, we did at times have to walk out to the parking lot and around to the next entryway until we learned which pathways would allow travel from end to end.
Our room offered a quiet evening sleep and relaxation and we were able to have a comfortable temperature during our stay.

A complimentary breakfast was offered and included scrambled eggs, omelets, made-to-order eggs, breakfast meats, pancakes, potatoes, and multiple bread and pastry options as well as oatmeal, juice, fruit, coffee, and more.
The locale is divided into two compounds and while we did not walk over to the far compound; there is a tennis court as well as second pool and spa located on the property and multiple conference centers to go with a reported fitness.
While our visit was a simple overnight getaway, it was perfect for what we had in mind, and the amenities and location more than made up for the construction, especially at the reasonable price that was offered as it exceeded our expectations.
We will definitely consider the property again for a future getaway and it would be nice to see what it looks like once the construction is completed.

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