Sphinx Announces SDCC Panels With Virtual Parties

Interesting move with Virtual Parties

(All panels will have a free virtual after-party approximately one month after the convention.)
Thursday,7:00PM – 8:00PM Homebrew- How Designers Play
Homebrew means different things to different people but there is a universal theme. Moding something and making it your own. In the realm of gaming, whether video or hobbygaming, it often means tweaking the gaming experience to enhance play. All panelists are designers and from tech to TTRPGs they are revealing their special brand of Homebrew that they use when playing with their friends/ Panelists include: John Maly (Juris Ex Machina), Bryan Merlonghi (Cutthroat Kingdoms), Tyler Stratton (Limithron), Jason Reeves ( Art design -Black Wyrm Games, AEG),
Moderated by Rick Hernandez

Room: 7AB

Friday: 8:30-9:30PM Writing LifeLines -The Importance of Writer’s groups
The act of writing can be amazing, beautiful, and groundbreaking. It can also be lonely, soul-crushing, and maddening. From comics to prose, this panel contains a range of writers from all subject matters and walks of life. Getting started, getting paid, and not letting deadlines make you crazy are all subjects that are covered. Come find your people! Panelists include: Frank Forte (Bob’s Burger, Asylum Press), Miriam Mora (Creator of Jewce,Carrying A Big Schtick), Enrica Jang (Red Stylo Media). Neo Edmund (Power Rangers, John Carpenter’s HalloweeNights), Ghezal Omar ( Artillery Network), John Maly (Juris Ex Machina)

Moderated by Diantha Jones
Room: 24ABC
Friday, 1:00PM – 2:00PM, The Comics That Made Us
The Netflix series of similar names inspired us. Comics (both print and animated) have inspired us and changed us. All panelists were there at pivotal moments in the comic history and live to tell the story. A little nostalgia and a whole lot of fun will be part of this panel for sure.
Panelists Include: Frank Forte (Bobs Burgers, Asylum Press) Joe Illidge (Harper Collins,Image Comics), Steve Niles (30 days of Night, October Faction) Dave Dorman ( Star Wars).
Moderator: Rick Hernandez
Room: Omni San Diego Hotel, Omni Grand Ballroom DE, 4th Floor

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