Guilty Gear Strive: Dual Rulers Teaser

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Arc System Works America, Inc., in partnership with Sanzigen Studios, today at Anime Expo 2024 revealed the synopsis, main cast, and teaser trailer for the upcoming “GUILTY GEAR STRIVE: DUAL RULERS” anime series, premiering in 2025!


Series Synopsis: After the decline of the once robust fields of science and technology, a new energy source known as magic fuels the modern era. Humanity creates forbidden biological weapons: Gears. Those Gears eventually stand against humanity in a rebellion. Although they manage to overcome in the struggle for survival known as the Crusades, humanity’s losses are so great that even after several decades pass, their emotional wounds remain unable to fully heal. Sin Kiske, the child of a human and a Gear, heads to his father Ky and mother Dizzy’s wedding ceremony. Their wedding breaks the ultimate taboo: a union between a human and a Gear. Even with the world at peace, it took many years for such a ceremony to come to fruition. Despite the complex array of emotions surrounding it, the wedding ceremony is met with blessings. When suddenly, a mysterious girl appears…The fated child inheriting Gear blood–and the mysterious girl who despises Gears. Their meeting would shake the world.


Along with a compelling, action-packed story for fans, the upcoming “GUILTY GEAR STRIVE: DUAL RULERS” anime series will feature original voice cast members from the acclaimed GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- video game, including Miyazaki Issei and Jouji Nakata returning to voice the characters Sin Kiske and Sol Badguy, respectively, and introduce Yui Ishikawa as the mysterious girl, Unika.


Those in attendance at Anime Expo 2024 were also treated to a special panel event that unveiled the new series teaser trailer showing the main character of the Guilty Gear series, Sol Badguy, as well as the mysterious girl, Unika, clashing against Sin Kiske. A full recording of the Anime Expo 2024 panel event will be streamed on Arc System Works America’s official Twitch channel at 8:30 PM PT on July 4. View the Series Teaser Trailer .



“An anime… It’s like a dream! Finally, at long last, Guilty Gear will get an anime adaptation,” said Guilty Gear Creator Daisuke Ishiwatari. “I’d like to express my deep gratitude to all of the team members who worked on this amazing project. Their talents, passion, and hard work have breathed new life into the world of Guilty Gear.”


Issei Miyazaki, the voice of Sin Kiske, expressed his excitement as well: “Thank heavens! That’s what I say after every recording session. How many years has it been since I met Sin Kiske? How many recording sessions have we done? Let me be the ultimate Sin Kiske I can, just for this recording! That’s all I ask! Thank you so much to everyone who’s supported me.”


Yui Ishikawa, the voice of the new character Unika, also shared her anticipation for the series: “I’m playing Unika, a new character introduced in the anime! Unika’s a very mysterious character. I look forward to every recording session as an opportunity to see new facets of her and how she’s involved with the story. Thank you for your support!”


Added Jouji Nakata, the voice behind Sol Badguy: “What a surprise…!! I’m sure you all felt the same, but I didn’t expect an anime was on the way after thinking Sol’s story came to an end in Strive! And with the original members, too! There’s sure to be a lot of news in store as we approach the anime airing, so keep an eye out! Thanks for your support! Let’s Rock!”


The “GUILTY GEAR STRIVE: DUAL RULERS” anime series will premiere in 2025. Fans are invited to stay tuned to the official website and X social media account for further developments from this exciting project!

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