Hands on With The Playstation 4 and Blacklight Retribution

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During my coverage in 2013 E3 Expo in Los Angeles, I was able to get up close and personal with the hotly anticipated new console from Sony, PlayStation 4. As scores of eager onlookers gathered around the display in video stations taken the gameplay I was able to get up close and personal with the pending Blacklight Retribution. One of the assistance told me that the game will be available for download on the new console as well as for PCs when it is released. The game is a standard shooter where players move about various maps dispatching enemy players both human and bot. One of the interesting features is that there is a ping feature similar to bat sonar where players can get an idea of where enemies are located on the map eliminating a lot of wasted time roaming aimlessly in search of conflict.

Aside from melee, players have the option to do things such as throw grenades and fire weapons ranging from the standard rifles, machine guns, etc. which is standard for games of this type. It was explained to me that there are also power up stations where in time players can earn things such as rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and other agents of mayhem.

The DualShock 4 control felt lighter than the first edition Dualshock 3 but will seem heavier to those who become accustomed with the more recent versions of the controller. One thing I noticed was that the control sticks are cupped rather than rounded almost like an embedded nail head which allowed me to put my thumbs deeper into the controller and did not have them slide off as easily as they could when your hands become sweaty during intense and extended gameplay sessions. I also noticed that the four buttons on top of the controller or more flush with the unit and did not project out nor extend down as far as they had in previous versions. This added for a faster reaction time issue had less space to cover to reach the switch.

I really enjoyed the built-in game pad as the developer showed me how to taunt and installed an enemy simply by brushing a fingertip across the control pad all the while keeping my thumbs on the can trolls and my fingers on the trigger. While I traditionally prefer to play my shooters on the PC, I really enjoyed the smoothness and responsiveness of the console. As somebody who is accustomed to instinctively using a mouse and keyboard for games of this type I noticed that my tendency to over compensate was not as pronounced as it had been with the PlayStation 3 and I was soon able to dispatch enemy bots that were coming after me despite being unfamiliar with many aspects of the game.

Graphically the game look about what I would expect on the PlayStation 3 at first glance but upon extended gameplay you notice features such as enhanced particle and smoke affects, a much greater detail of objects in the background, and a much higher detail of terrain and objects up close. I discussed with the assistant that like the previous console, it may take developers a couple of years to truly unlock the abilities of the system and also as somebody who’s used to playing games on a higher-end PC the comparisons between the abilities of the two are very similar.

There was some hesitation in the gameplay and I was told that was due to the early stage of the game as the final product will be much smoother but such instances of hesitation were extremely rare during my gameplay session.

Both game and console were extremely fun to play and considering the multitude of titles that are coming certainly makes the PlayStation 4 very fun and eagerly anticipated release.

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