Say It Isn’t So

The creators of the gross out comedies “Dumb and Dumber”, “Me Myself and Irene” and “There’s Something About Mary” are back again with the new film “Say It Isn’t So”. The Directing team of Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly and J.B. Rogers. have taken their unique blend of gross out comedy and mixed it with a sweet sensitive side to the delight of audiences and high film revenues. As in films such as “Dumb”, “Mary”, and “Irene” “Say It Isn’t So” centers on sweet and likeable main characters that the audience hopes will win in the end despite the odds being stacked against them.

The film centers on the relationship between Gillie (Chris Klein) and Jo (Heather Graham), who fall in love after Jo accidentally cuts off Gillies ear during a haircut. Despite the unlikely introduction, the two fall head over heels and plan their marriage. All is going well for Gillie, who despite not knowing who his family is, has found the girl of his dreams and plans to be come a vet in the near future.

The dreams of the two lovebirds are dashed, when a private eye hired by Gillie informs them that he has found his missing parents, and it is none other than Jo’s parents. The initial Joy that Gillie feels over finding his family quickly fades when he realizes he has fallen in love with and consummated his relationship with his sister.

The film then jumps ahead 16 months and we learn that Jo has run back to Beaver, Oregon to an old boyfriend, much to the delight of her mother (Sally Field). It seems that this old boyfriend is rich, and is the ticket that Jo’s parents have been looking for to take them out of their sleepy Indiana town.

The local community on the other hand has shunned gillie as he is seen as a pervert of epic proportions and misses Jo constantly. Gillie is on a wild ride of emotions when he learns that Jo is planning to get married and that he is not her brother, as the real long lost brother arrives. Gillie then decides to find Jo and marry her. Along the way, Gillie meets up with a zany pilot named Dig (Orlando Jones) who informs Gillie that Jo’s fiancé is a very powerful and influential man. Undaunted Gillie arrives in Beaver, Oregon to find Jo, and learns he has not only Jo’s mother to contend with, but also an entire town that is determined to keep him from finding Jo.

While the film does have more than its share of gross out humor, the film does have a very sweet story at its core and Klein and Graham are great, as is Sally Field as Jo’s mother. While the film is far from a classic, it was a charming day at the movies and did have more than a few laughs, if one does not mind some very gross, yet at times very funny humor from a creative team that has long proved that no subject is Taboo. The film is Rated R for Brief nudity, language, and adult situations and themes.

3.5 stars out of 5