Scary Movie 2

In the time honored tradition of it is not broke, don’t fix it, the Wayans brothers have followed up their smash hit “Scary Movie” with this summers “Scary Movie 2”.
The original Scary was a bawdy and often funny parody of classic teen horror films ranging from the “Scream “ to the “I Know What You Did” series as well as countless other horror classics. What set the film apart was that no subject was taboo, and the filmmakers were willing to take things to new levels of grossness to get a laugh. Who can ever forget the classic parody of the bathroom knife in the ear scene from “Scream 2” where genitals were substituted for a Knife?
The original film never intended to have a sequel, but when the picture went on to gross over $144 Million, Dimension films turned to Director/Producer Keenan Ivory Wayans and asked for a sequel. Since money is the name of the game, it did not take a rocket scientist to realize that a sequel would make money as well.
“Scary Movie 2” is not a film for everyone, as it relies on a very ribald style of humor. If you are put off by bodily humor, gross jokes, and bodily fluid jokes, then “: Scary Movie 2”is not for you. However, if you do not mind jokes of this nature, then be prepared to laugh yourself silly.
The story centers on the survivors from the first film. It is a year later, and we catch up with the crew at college. Cindy (Anna Faris) is enjoying college and is still as ditzy but sweet as ever. Ray Maker (Shawn Wayans) is still the big jock on campus and despite having Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall) as his Girlfriend; Ray is still as confused as ever about his sexuality. Brenda’s Brother Shorty, (Marlon Wayans) is still burnt out from his drug use, and is as clueless as ever.
The story involves a haunted house where a research scientist, (Tim Curry) plans to take the survivors and a few of their friends in order to prove the house is haunted. With the promise of A’s for the trip, the group heads off for what should be a fun few nights in a classic mansion.
No sooner does the group arrive then they are introduced to Hanson, The Handy man with a deformed Hand and horrible hygiene practices (Chris Elliott) before long all hell breaks loose and the gang are on the run from ghosts, skeletons, and yes even a possessed Ganja plant. It seems the former lord of the manor, (Richard Moll) is still roaming the house and is not opposed to getting a “booty call” from the guests such as Alex (Tori Spelling) who proceeds to become infatuated with the dearly departed. The film keeps the story of the haunting in the background and simply relies on the premise of trapped people in a hunted house to setup the gags. We do not look for obvious escapes for the characters, but rather watch and wonder as to what gag is going to come next, and delight in the realization of what film is being spoofed. This is the strength of the film; it knows that is a silly parody and does not try to take itself to seriously. Director Wayans, keeps the mood light and upbeat and the cast seems to be enjoying themselves.
While the film does not have a story beyond getting the characters into settings in which to spoof other films and do parodies of everything from Nike Commercials to the recent presidential elections, the laughs do come on a regular basis. , Another good point of the film was that unlike so many films these days, the best jokes are not the ones shown in the film’s trailers.
In many ways a film like “Scary Movie 2” is a difficult film to review, as it does not have a great plot, acting, or special effects. What is does have is many jokes, some more gross than the next such as the parody of the classic Pea Soup scene from the “Exorcist” where the Priest, (played in a small roll by James Woods) gives as good as he got, and then some. The film is crass, crude, gross, stupid and very funny and entertaining. If you liked “Scary Movie” then you are certain to love “Scary Movie 2”

3 stars out of 5