PC gamers rejoice, as the long wait is finally over. The smash X-Box hit HALO has finally arrived for the PC and gaming will not be the same again.
Cast in the role of a genetically enhanced Master Sergeant, players find themselves locked in a deadly battle with the evil Covenant force that are comprised of various alien races.
When your ship is overrun, players have to fight their way to an evacuation pod and soon find themselves on a mysterious ring structure known as HALO. It seems that the structure holds a deadly secret, and as such, you must battle all manner of enemy forces to find the key to survival.
Along the way players will be able to take advantage of an impressive array of vehicles such as the all terrain Warthog, the Banshee fighters, the Ghost Skimmers, and the Scorpion Tanks. Each vehicle has onboard weapons and some can even accommodate other players, which is great for missions when you have some A.I. help along for the ride.
What sets HALO on the PC apart from the X-Box version is the fine addition of Multiplay that will enhance the value of the game. The traditional deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag modes are present and when added with a map full of vehicles, it does create a frantic and entertaining variation on these classic game modes.
The graphics and sound of the game are first rate proving that this is an enhancement and not just a simple console port. My only issue with the game was the pre-assigned save points which were slightly frustrating as I am used to being able to save my progress at any point in the game. That being said, Halo for the PC is a true classic and a must for gamers.
5 out of 5