Hooligans Storm Over Europe

Recently I had the chance to speak with Harry van Horen about the top selling game in Europe Hooligans. Harry and I chatted about the game, the controversy around it, and what American gamers can expect when the game arrives here.

GVK: What is the story of Hooligans and the inspiration behind it?

HV: We wanted to make something different. Something totally
different. We decided no more fairies and space marines, but real life characters,
situations we as an audience can relate to. Hooligans. We just got
fed up with fantasy and science fiction games really.

GVK: What are some of the weapons and scenarios that players
will be able to use?

HV: Fighting up and around stadiums, in buses, trains, carparks.
weapons will vary between chains, knifes and bare fists. And anything you
can throw at the opponent!

GVK: We you surprised by the response to the game both by gamers and by
the controversy?

HV: Surprised at first, but we always knew that when you set out to do
something different, you will run into the occasional
nutter who tries to tell you, you can’t do it.

GVK: How much of the map can be destroyed by players?

HV: Mostly anything. Just the way we like it.

GVK: Going into this game, what are the main objectives you wanted to
achieve in regards to content and gameplay?

HV: As far as content is concerned, something that takes place in the here
and now and is called a RIOT game. Gameplay was important in such a
repsect that it had to be a game and not just a gimmick. You had to
have fun with it, running around town and creating sheer havoc!

GVK: What were the biggest obstacles and success stories that you
encountered while you were creating the game?

HV: The biggest obstacles were shops not wanting to stock it. Which in the
end some did not do. The biggest success was that in spite of this we
sold a fair amount of units and in the process had a lot of fun making

GVK: How long was the development cycle of the game?

HV: About two years from beginning to end.

GVK: Will there be an add on pack or a sequel?

HV: There will be a sequel …………. and this one will cause even more

GVK: What are you working on now?

HV: The sequel. :))