Jeremy Bulloch Talks about Boba Fett and the convention world.

I recently had the chance to talk with Jeremy Bulloch about some of his experiences with the Star Wars saga, as well as what he is currently involved with. Bulloch is known to fans the world over as the man who brought the evil bounty hunter Boba Fett to life, and is constantly in demand at conventions due to the enourmous popularity of the character.
GVK: At this point, what do you know about your involvement in the upcoming films? Have you had any contacts?
JB: No, no involvement at all really. To be quite honest, I say to people that I do not own the right to be in the next film. I enjoyed my time in the films, and I assume that Fett is coming back, and whoever plays it, it is a fantastic part to play. I liked to be involved somehow in it, but I do not expect to.
GVK: What kind of background did they give you on the character for “Empire”, was their a backstory?
JB: Just that he was a bounty hunter, a mercenary, and he is cold, there was not a real backstory at all.
GVK: Was there any reason why you were not called in for the new scenes that were added to the Special Editions?
JB: No, I don’t think so. Everyone has asked if I was upset that I was not used, and I always say no. I did my time on the first films, but I am very honored that they used Boba Fett in the new scenes. The character has become very popular, and that is luck for me, as luck for an actor. I have had a ball doing the films, and Fett is now an important part of this whole trilogy.
GVK: I am sure you have heard about the continuing adventures of Fett in both comic and novel form, are you ever contacted about stories?
JB: the nice thing about that is that I am kept up to date. People send me books, comics, and so on, and perhaps one day I can write a story.
GVK: That would be great.
JB: I also get to hear different fan versions of what happened. I am up to date, I have met various people at Lucasfilm, I have been to Skywalker Ranch, and I feel as if I am part of a family. It is a history that has gone back for twenty years. As much as you try to put it in the background, as I am working as an actor in England, you cant really, as it keeps coming up. I still get 100 letters a week which is extraordinary.
GVK: How much of the fight in Jedi did you do?
JB: None, it was all done by stunt people. People always ask me about this, and I tell them that there are very talented people who get paid to do this type of work, and what they do is fantastic. People asked about how hot it was in Yuma, and actually, the hottest past was the carbon freeze scenes.
GVK: Did it require many takes?
JB: Quite a few. All of the steam and dry ice that was used being pushed in by pipes, and it was a very difficult scene to do.
GVK: Was the timing hard to get right?
JB: Yes, you had Solo going down, then the steam, and the claw mechanism, it was a very interesting scene.
GVK: When Fett took Han off to Jabba at the end of “Empire” were you given any heads up as to what was ahead for your character?
JB: No, when it finished, I did not have a clue, and suddenly I heard that I was going to be in the next one and I was very excited about that.
GVK: How did the officer scene in Cloud City come about for you?
JB: There was no actor there, and I was asked if I would dress in the uniform and be in the scene. I said, I would. You help out, it was a matter of someone not being available, and I was as I was waiting to do a scene later, so I just got up and did it.
GVK: Did you do any of the voice at all?
JB: No, that was dubbed months later. At the time they did not know how he was going to sound. I was happy to be a part of this big science fiction wheel.
GVK: You mentioned earlier about wanting to do a comic or something, what is happening with that?
JB: If I ever get asked to do a story, I would like to be involved. I have written several stories. I did one for a Kosovo Refugee, and I wrote a tale from the viewpoint of Boba Fett. It was written in Englad as part of the “Tales From Midnight” series, and they had a special comic which was used to raise money for Kosovo.