Natalie Portman talks about the Star Wars Prequels

I was able to get an interview with Natalie Portman while she was filming “Where the Heart is”. It is not the standard interview, and I thought you folks would like some new insights from the talented actress. Thanks to Brett Cannon
Q. Did you find the final version of the film to be confusing for your Characters?
A. “No not really, if you understand everything that’s going on”. “Any avid Star Wars Fan after seeing it 7 times would realize (laughter).”
Q. This must have been a totally new experience for you , working with so Many bluescreens. Did you find it more difficult than you expected it would? Be? Easier?
A. “We used a blue screen in Mars Attacks.. That wasn’t a first”.
Q. Did you have the chance to watch the first 3 Star Wars films before Working on PHANTOM? From what I understand, you had never seen the original Trilogy.
A. “Yes I did see the original Trilogy, bit only after I got cast as homework, Rick made me watch them.”
Q. some younger actors do not seem to be treated as equals by “seasoned” Actors due to their age. Did you find that this was a problem on the set? Do you think you have gained a new respect from the filmmaking community? after your success in PHANTOM ?
A.“ Oh, Everyone was wonderful. Got along great with everyone.”
Q. Do you still try to go out in public and live like a normal person?
A. “Yes, I love to go to Magazine stores”.
Q. You weren’t working in the Star Wars movies, what kind of job could? You see yourself doing (besides acting)?
A. “McDonalds…???”
Q. Did you ever in your wildest dreams ever think you’d be Luke? Skywalker’s mom? 🙂
A. “ No, George is like, Your gonna be the Queen. I was Like, Great! Then Rick told me that she gets married to Anakin. I was Like, Ooook.”
Q.How do you feel about having toys ranging from action figures to dolls? Fashioned in your image? Which is your favorite? And where in your home do You keep your set on display?
A. “I have the Little Queen Amidala Dressup Doll in my room.. That’s pretty
Q. What changes do you expect in your character to go through in future films?
A. “ Well from each Episode to the next will change, Episode III will be my last. But I think Ep. II being a Romance part of the Prequels will be Different then the rest of the trilogy.