Test Drive Eve of Destruction

After an early flirtation with Demolition Derby Games in the early years of video gaming, the genre quickly faded out of site only to be seen in glimpses over the years.

In the game Test Drive Eve of Destruction, for the PS2 the genre returns for gamers in a straight-forward mode that will be easy for gamers of all abilities to jump into and enjoy.The game comes in both and action and career mode. The action mode is simply an instant action mode that allows players to get right to the mayhem in both single and multiplayer fashion.

The career mode is suprisingly deep and challenging as starting with little cash and a low end scrap heap car makes it vital to start winning some competitions. Not only to get access to better cars, but to make needed repairs to the damage on your current car.

There are over 25 events though players may often become bored as there is not alot of variety in the events.

Controls for the game take a bit of learning, but in no time you will be competing with the best of the best. My biggest issue was with the turn radius as it became very frustrating as I was learning the game but as time went on, I found a happy medium with this issue and was able to accept it and move on.

The bottom line is that this is a great idea for a game but the repetitive gameplay, as well as the controls make me wonder what this game could have been with a little more time in the shop.

Gameplay 3.5

You have seen my comments on the control issues, that and the repetitive career mode tends to limit and otherwise great idea.

Graphics 3.0

The graphics in the game are nothing amazing as I was surprised by the lack of detail they had. Sure they are enough to power the game, but they do not stand out or after any bells and whistles, making this is a disappointment.

Audio 3.5

Again, could have been alot better but is able to get the basics of the situation without any fanfare.

Value 3.5

Once the career mode is completed there is not alot of replay value aside from Multiplay, but thankfully, this is where the game shines as the various gameplay modes make this a fun distraction.

Fun 3.5

Once you get past the career mode you can have a blast with the various modes for multiplay. I like the figure eight one myself, but there are plenty of others to keep you playing after you have graduated from the career mode.