True Crime Streets of L.A.

With the runaway success of the Grand Theft Auto series, it was only a matter of time until a worthy challenger arrived. Thankfully True Crime, the Streets of LA is more than up to the task. .
Cast as renegade cop Nick, you battle criminal organizations in a deep and detailed series of scenarios. For example, what you do or do not do on any of your missions will affect the outcome of the case. This is not a simple pass-fail scenario, but rather a branching storyline that is deep as it is engaging.
Like GTA and Vice City, Nick can drive a wide range of vehicles and has all manner of weapons at his disposal to deal with any thugs that get in the way. Over 80 songs by the original artists such as Snoop Dog (who features in the game), set the mood and add a gritty energy to the gameplay
The action is intense and what makes True Crime stand out is the fierce vehicle to vehicle combat. No longer do you have to battle foes on foot or run them over, you can unleash a hail of ammo on them all the while styling with your top down and tunes blaring. The wide range of combat moves is akin to Max Payne but there is a greater fluidity and energy to Nick as he is not hampered by bullet time fx. Think Jet Li meets Max Payne and Chow Yun Fat and you will get the idea. Combined with an impressive range of vehicles and weapons and you will have more choices than you know what to do with.
While the inability to use controls in the game is a pain as are some of the menus when you get started, players will eventually find a happy medium and be on their way in no time. The graphics and sound are exceptional and this is an amazing game that is enhanced from the console versions by the addition of more music and a multiplay mode that allows you and your friends to unleash the mayhem online. Several name actors from Christopher Walken to James Hong appear in the game giving True Crime a depth and cinematic quality that is hard to beat. True Crime has set the new standards for the Genre and puts the pressure on the GTA series to keep up.
Gameplay 4/5
Graphics 5/5
Audio 4/5
Value 4/5/5
Fun 4/5
Genre Shooter
Platform PC
Rating Mature
Publisher Activision