American Dad Volume 1

From the creator of the smash animated series Family Guy comes American Dad on this impressive first volume of episodes from the hit series. Created by Seth Mac Farlane, contains 13 episodes of the Smith clans wild and wacky adventures.

The series follows CIA Agent Stan Smith, who is so uptight, he sees threats to the security of the nation everywhere, and keeps a threat level indicator on hi refrigerator.

The Smith household consists of Stan’s loving wife Francine, his son Roger and his daughter Hayley and two other exotic members. His Son is an easygoing teen who is unlucky with the ladies and likes to attend Sci Fi conventions instead of taking part in athletics. He is a smart boy, but not the masculine images those Stan coverts for a son. His daughter Hayley is a liberal college student, who is a polar opposite to her father’s political and social views and thinks nothing of engaging in activities that will shock her parents.

Then there are Klaus and Roger. Klaus is a goldfish that had his brain swapped with that of a German skier in a secret experiment, and now spends his time lusting after Francine from his fishbowl and speaking with a heavy accent. Roger on the other hand is a flamboyant alien who rescued Stan from Area 51 and as such, hides out in the Smith household as his very existence is a secret from everyone outside of the Smiths. Roger spends his time with crazy schemes and his desire for alcohol and junk food as well as his addiction to television.

Each episode is packed with biting social and political commentary and plenty of laughs. While some try to dismiss the show as a clone of Mac Farlane’s Family Guy, the facts are that the show is a consistently funny show that is on the rise.