Event Horizon Collectors Edition

One of the best combinations of Science Fiction and Horror has emerged from Paramount DVD in a packed Collectors edition 2 DVD Set.

Event Horizon masterfully uses lavish sets and visuals to create a story of pure terror that does not rely entirely on gore and a body count to scare.

Rather, the film uses sustained suspense in a gripping setting and refreshingly new setup to deliver one of the best and yet most underrated film of its genre.

Set in 2047, the film tells the story of rescue ship named the Lewis and Clark who have been dispatched to the far locale of Neptune to investigate a mysterious signal coming from the long lost ship Event Horizon which was lost without a trace seven years earlier.

The mission is not met with joy by the crew of the Lewis and Clark as not only are they due a leave but as the ships Captain Miller (Laurence Fishburn) explains the last time a rescue was attempted that far out, both ships were lost. Joining the crew of the Lewis and Clark is Dr Weir (Sam Neil), who designed the Event Horizon and is anxious to see where the ship has been for the last seven years.

Weir explains to the crew that the Event Horizon was a secret experiment designed for faster than light travel by means of a dimensional gateway. Since the laws of relativity prohibit faster than light travel, Weir utilized a gravity drive that would mimic a black hole in order to fold space allowing the ship to travel the universe.

Upon docking with the Event Horizon though, things quickly take a turn for the worse as some bizarre and horrific events start to happen leaving the crew of the Lewis and Clark to battle the very pits of hell as they attempt to unravel the mystery of where the ship has been and survive.

Packed with solid work from the cast, decent action, and lavish sets, “Event Horizon” is a cut above others in its genre and is a true gem. It was also nice to note that despite not being a Directors Cut several of the behind the scenes features have commentary from Director Paul W. Anderson and contain deleted and extended scenes.