American Pie: The Naked Mile

The Success of the Direct to DVD release of American Pie: Band Camp has spawned another straight to DVD release that continues the good series in a hilarious way.

This time out, we meet Erik Stifler, who unlike his cousins, is not a ladies man and is still waiting to have sex with his girlfriend of two years.

After a couple of disastrous yet hilarious misadventures, Erik is given a guilt free pass to go on a college visit and get his sex obsession out of his system.

It just so happens that Erik and his two friends are being hosted by one of the wilder Stifler cousins, and that Erik’s visit will happen around the time of the Naked Mile, where co-eds streak across the campus to celebrate the end of exams.

Along the way, Erik and the guys meet several sexy and bizarre ladies, and run afoul of a fraternity of little people.

In the end, the boys get a lesson, in life, college, and growing up, in the best American Pie traditions.

The Naked Mile, does a much better job of capturing the spirit of the film series and generating laughs than last years Band Camp. Once again Eugene Levy appears and provides some sagely, yet amusing advice, as well as updates us as to what is happening with some of the characters not seen since the last theatrical release.

While the film is not going to set any new standards for plot, it does work well for fans of the series, and is one of the better comedies released straight to DVD.

3 stars out of 5.