Hard Candy

When Jeff (Patrick Wilson) meets 14 year old Hayley (Ellen Page) at a local coffee shop , he has no idea that the young lady he met online is anything other than the young student she seems to be.

As things progress, Jeff is happy that Hayley accompanies him back to his place and is even willing to pose for an impromptu photo session. Hayley however has different plans and in a shocking turn of events, is about to put Jeff through an ordeal with very high stakes.

Hayley is convinced Jeff is behind the disappearance of a local woman and unleashes a symphony of psychological and physical tortures in an attempt to get Jeff to confess to what he really is and that he knows far more than he lets on.

As the game becomes more and more intense, viewers will findthemselves, shocked, outraged, and horrified at just how far Hayley is willing to take her inquisition to extreme levels with a shocking finale that you will never forget.

Top notch acting and a riveting story will make
Hard Candy a deeply entertaining film that you will not forget.

Bonus Features include deleted scenes and commentaries.

4 stars out of 5.