Brian Lloyd Talks Doll Graveyard

Getting a start in films is the dream of many aspiring actors and actresses, but making that dream a reality often takes much hard work, persistence, and luck. As I have mentioned in previous articles, Horror Films have often been a conduit for young talent to be noticed in the industry and one such talent is Brian Lloyd, who was kind enough to speak to me about his voyage into acting with “Doll Graveyard”

What was it like working on “Doll Graveyard” and how did it compare to previous work you have done?

Brian: It was my first time on film. I had never been in front of the camera before and I really wanted to do well.

What drew you into acting and what are you working on now?

Brian: Right now I am doing the pilot season looking for work, but I do have something coming up around April on the cable show “Huff”. As for acting, I would say it all started around age 8 I saw “The Sting” with my Dad. I loved Robert Redford and being from Grand Forks, North Dakota, we actually have a very good arts program in the schools. I was involved in their great play program. I actually got my degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of North Dakota.

What were some of your fondest memories during filming and how was it working with a costar that was not a real person for your first film part?

Brian: It was a lot of fun, playing the dinky high school jock. The doll was about one 1 ½ foot tall and was very intricate. Charles (Band, the film’s director) loves them and they were a lot of fun, especially the one who was my drinking buddy. As for fun moments, the melon scene was great fun. We had a few ad libs in that one and we kept it fun.

How long was the shoot?

Brian: It was about 12-13 Days over 3 weeks. It was a great first experience and I got the all important reel out of it so I have something to show when I audition. The only slightly bad scene was the eye gouging part which makes my mom wince whenever she sees it, but I have been blessed as there were no issues at all and it was a great time.

What do you attribute your work ethic to and in regards to acting, how do you feel about where you are now compared to two years ago?

Brian: I would say it is having a farm work ethic where I realize it is a marathon not a sprint to get to where you want to go. That and being committed to taking 3-4 hours a day working it by going out on appointments to get your name and face out to the casting people. I would also say that my acting is getting better and that it is important to just stay focused.

GVK: How hard are the rejections when you are trying to get work?

Brian: It can be frustrated, but I realize I am in a business where saying no is a large part of things. It is much like my dating life, you hear a lot of “No” but you keep at it, day in and day outs as along the way, there will be a few “yes” responses in there.

Finally do you plan on working in the Horror genre and withFull Moon Video in the future?

Brian: I would love to.