Robin Sydney For Doll Graveyard

Many actors and actresses get their start in horror films as it has often been an ideal tool to get noticed and make your impression in the industry. Talents such as Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, Johnny Depp, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Demi Moore all made horror films early in their careers.

For actress, Robin Syndney who is already an established actress in film and television with noted appearances on shows such as “E.R, “The Andy Dick Show:” and “Oliver Beene” the chance to appear in “The Gingerdead Man” was something that she did not want to miss.

I got the chance to talk with Robin recently about her recent and future ventures into the horror genre and I would like to thank her for her time.

Most performers get into horror as a way to start their careers, but you have already established yourself in film and television. What drew you to the film?

Robin: It was a nice change of pace, I had always been cast as the bad or troubled girl and it was nice to be able to play a character that is closer to myself.

What can you tell me about filming as it seems as if you had a lot of fun during shooting?

Robin: It was a blast we had so much fun filming, Charles is so fun and talented and it was great working with him.

Where was the film shot?

Robin: We shot at an actual bakery which was great, as the smell of the baked goods was amazing especially the croissants. We would shoot around their schedule but there would be times when we would be filming and they would be in another part working.

Was the Gingerdead Man CGI and animatronic and how was it acting against it?

Robin: It was animtronic and about 12 inches high. It was creepy when it got moving which made it a lot easier to react to it. Charles (Band, the film’s director) is such a joker that he played a few tricks on us well. There were also times when it was not in place and we had to react against a stick.

Which do you prefer film or television?

Robin: I prefer film. The pacing is a lot slower and it allows you to get deeper into the character. With television the pacing is much faster and there is not as much time to study and prepare.

What do you like to do with your free time on and off set?

Robin: On set I like to sit in my trailer and do some work for a company I run with my mother. It’s a nice contrast to acting. It gives me more experiences to bring to my acting. Off set, I like to spend time with friends, I am not much of a partier and I like to have dinner with my family at my grandmother on the weekends.

What is happening with “Big Bad Wolf”?

Robin: We just finished that one, and it is going to Post Production.

Do you plan to do any more films for Charles Band soon?

Robin: Yes, I just got a script for one recently and I look forward to doing this one.