Cirque Du Soleil KA MGM Las Vegas

The world famous Cirque du Soleil has unleashed its most lavish production yet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The show this time is KA and it sets a new level for the company with easily the most lavish and visually overwhelming production in the history of the company.

The story follows two siblings who are separated by strife who must battle evil in an attempt to restore order to their land and be reunited. The theater is awash in catwalks and structures which sprout all manner of acrobats who hurl themselves about during the opening moments of the show. The stage impressively spews fire into the air letting people know that this is going to be a true spectacle and they prepare for the roughly 95 minute production.

The trademark costumes and music of the company are in top form but what makes this show different from the other four productions I have seen is the way that KA differs from the other shows by limiting the clowns and providing a production that has a clearly defined story rather than a production based on a theme.

The setting of the show was established via a narration which gave way to a remarkable stage which is highly versatile. The set in many ways is as much a star of the productions as it rotates, slants, moves horizontally and vertically over various aspects of the show.

One very impressive segment had the performers flipping from protruding arrows in the stage as they attempted not to fall over the edge. The peril was evident as even during scripted parts of the show which required performers to go over the edge, the sense of danger was evident.

While some of the circus aspects of the past shows were pared down in favor of more action oriented segments, the creative elements behind the Cirque du Soleil production clearly are striving to take their shows to the next level as you would be hard pressed to find a more visually impressive production anywhere. .

It is also rewarding to see that the company is not above trying something new and taking some risks with their new productions as one could say that after years of success, it might be easier to stick to a proven formula rather than step outside the box into a bold new direction, which Cirque du Soleil have clearly and impressively done with KA

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Gareth Von Kallenbach

Skewed and Reviewed.