Cirque Du Soleil Verekai

A dazzling joy for the entiore family, .

Tthe world famous Cirque du Soleil has once again come to the Seattle area bringing with it a dazzling array of color, spectacle, and amazing performances.

The show this time is Verekai, and it follows Alegria, Dralion, and Saltimbanco all of which played to sold out audiences during their Seattle run.

This time out, the festive big top has moved to scenic Marymoor Park from the previous locale near the Renton Boeing Plant under a new agreement for future shows.

Despite the change of locales the show is every bit the amazing spectacle of the previous shows and is one of the most amazing live events you can attend.

Based on the Greek legend of Icarus, Verakai is set amidst a forest inhabited by all manner of colorful and bizarre creatures. As a lone figure descends from the sky, in a dazzling mix of music, light and artistry, the audience knows they are in for something special. From the amazing aerial act of the lead character that does all manner of routines while entwined in netting, to a dazzling array of flips portrayed by the talented acrobats, the show never fails to entertain and often unleashes sites that have not been encountered before.

The acrobatic flips of one routine left my wife and I in awe as did a high wire act and a fantastic balance routine. No matter what the segment, everything from the costumes, music, and lighting, was amazing and underscored that there simply is no better performance anywhere than in a Cirque du Soleil production.

There are also some very funny, and well timed comic interludes in the show thanks to the gifted clowns, who are every bit as entertaining as the other acts.

In this day of declining value, it is nice to see that not only has the quality of the Cirque du Soleil shows not diminished over time; it has improved upon its already lofty standards. A must see for the family, do not miss Verekai.

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